Corrie SPOILERS: 12-16 March

Next week in Corrie, Tyrone comes clean to Fiz, David’s friendship with Josh takes a dark turn and Sophie Thompson joins the soap with a message for Audrey!

Fiz finds it hard to forgive Tyrone

After agreeing it was a mistake, Gemma and Tyrone regret their night together but can Gemma keep Rita quiet when she spots her coming out of No. 9? Speaking to Roy about the situation with Ruby, Fiz tells Tyrone that she would like to come back home. But when she has a change of heart when she finds a condom wrapper as she takes the bedding out of the washing machine.

When Sean insists it’s not his, Fix confronts Tyrone who admits to his one night stand with Gemma. Riddled with guilt, Tyrone turns to Kevin for advice and as he begs Fiz for forgiveness, Chesney turns on him and tells him to leave his sister alone.

As she confides in Cathy about Hope being given the all clear on her cancer results, Tyrone is gutted to realise that he’s forgotten about the test and admits to Kevin that he’s a useless husband and father.

To make matters worse, Fiz realises that the bad behaviour she’s blamed Ruby for is actually down to Hope as she catches her about to push Joseph down the stairs. When Tyrone calls round to apologise and explain that he’s booked Ruby in for therapy, Fiz tells Tyrone she’s willing to try and make their relationship work but will she come clean about Hope’s behaviour?

Peter finds Billy

Despite all their efforts to find him, there’s still no sign of Billy and as Eva, Phelan, Eileen and Summer get desperate, little do they know that he is watching them through their back window. As Peter installs a new cctv camera he spots Billy heading towards Eileen’s back yard on his laptop. When he follows him, he’s shocked to find Billy stealing cash from a tea caddy.

Caught red handed, Billy swears that he’s trying to get clean after letting everyone down. Leaving him at the house Peter goes to get Eileen but when they return Billy has done a runner with the cash and Eileen’s jewellery.

They decide to keep the truth from Summer who discovers Eva’s list of hostels and enlists Amy to help her try and find Billy. Summer and Amy are robbed in an alleyway after a homeless man convinces them he knows where Billy is.

In a police station, we see Billy asked to make a phone call. He decides to call Summer who hands the phone to Peter. As he waits to be interviewed by the police, Billy is surprised at the arrival of Adam who says he is Mr Mayhew’s lawyer.

Explaining that he knows about his involvement in Susan’s death, he now wants to help him after getting him hooked on painkillers. Back home, as Billy struggles with withdrawal, Eileen arrives with the Bishop who has sorted out a stay in rehab.

David’s friendship with Josh takes a dark turn

Before he can let him fight, Josh insists that David gets medical advice. At the medical centre, Ali advises him that his epilepsy rules him out of the boxing match. But Josh still lets David train.

As they both head out with Alya to look for a boxing venue, Alya spots the car that was used in the attack on the garage and becomes convinced the Parker brothers are responsible for Luke’s murder. as they wrestle the owner of the car to the ground, he’s arrested.

Much to Shona’s amusement, when she suggests there’s a spark between Alya and Josh, David just dismisses it. Later, David is unsure about Josh’s tone when he suggests they could have some more adventures. But after a row with Shona over her parenting skills, Josh invites David to join him and his friends for a few beers in town. Making out his mates have let him down, Josh meets David on his own and none the wiser, David orders more drinks.

As Josh continues to get David drunk, they compare stories of their parents’ broken relationships and when David goes to the gents Josh spikes his drink before taking a worse for wear David back to his flat. As the GHB kicks in, a barely conscious David is thrown face down on the bed and Josh begins to undress him.

Audrey gets a message from the other side

Audrey is stunned when a client turns out to be a clairvoyant and tells her that she has been communicating with her dead husband Alf and despite Gail and Maria telling her she’s a fake, Audrey is convinced otherwise and makes a booking with her.

She’s shocked when the clairvoyant tells her that not only is she in contact with Alf but she also has a message for Gail from her dead husbands. Could she be the real deal?

Eve and Toyah keep Leanne at bay

With Toyah having to cover for Eva as Leanne’s incredulous about how much she’s eating, Leanne suggests Eva should join her at an exercise class.

Toyah and Eva try to throw her off the scent by making out they’re starting a language course. But will she buy it?

Ali confides in Steve

Robert is quick to tell Michelle about an argument him and Liz overheard at the medical centre between Ali and his legal mother Wendy, where she’s begging him to let her back into his life.

After refusing to talk to Michelle, Ali tells Steve he hasn’t seen Wendy for years after she became obsessed with Ryan and never forgave him for the time he spent with Michelle. But is he telling the truth?


Eva is surprised to see Adam back in town, Jude gets the marine biologist job and Gail is impressed with Shona’s parenting skills.