EastEnders SPOILERS: 12-16 March

Next week in EastEnders, Ian returns from New Zealand, Roger Griffiths makes his debut as Keegan’s father and Stacey receives some shocking news as Big Mo returns to Walford.

Ian returns from New Zealand and sets his sights on Mel

With Ian back from New Zealand, Kathy worries about how he might react to Masood selling samosas in the chippy. Before they have a chance to tell him, Ian finds out from Kim. After some reluctance, Ian to let them continue selling samosas, but after a disagreement over management and profits, Masood quits.

Wanting to convince Mel that he’s a changed man, Ian manages to blag himself a drink with her but is taken aback when Jack joins them. After embarrassing himself by getting into an argument with Masood, Mel is left stunned when he suggests that they should give things another go. Having returned with a forward thinking and positive outlook, Kathy challenges him over his pursuit for old flame Mel.

And after Billy tells Jack that Mel is definitely interested in him, his renewed attempts continue to get him nowhere.

Keegan’s dad arrives in Walford

Keegan’s father arrives in Walford and immediately looks for the Taylor Family. The first person Mitch meets is Keanu who is working his first day in the Arches and is taken aback when Mitch asks for his car to be fixed. Refusing to give him any information about his family’s whereabouts, Keanu agrees to fix his car before sending him on his way, not realising that he forgot to take payment.

As the family celebrate Keanu’s new job, Mitch arrives to pay him the money owed and when Keanu punches Mitch, Karen and Keegan watch on, stunned to see Keegan’s dad. Keanu insists that Karen avoids making contact with Mitch but when he arrives at the laundrette, she is unable to resist his charm and invites him back for dinner. Having been forced out of the house by Keegan and Keanu, Karen sneaks Mitch back in once everyone has gone to sleep.

After learning that Mitch spent the night, Keanu storms off to work, refusing to let Karen explain and he refuses to ease up when Mitch pays him a visit and explains that all he wants to do is help the family.

Back at the flat, Mitch convinces Karen that now is the time Keanu found out the truth about his biological dad. But as Karen goes to explain, Keanu doesn’t let her finish and storms off, insisting that he’s going to stay with Jay until Mitch leaves. But Keegan learns the truth about Keanu’s father when he overhears Karen telling Mitch what happened.

As Keegan probes Mitch about what he heard, he admits the truth to him and uses this information to his advantage by manipulating Keegan into convincing Keanu to move back home. Agreeing for the sake of Karen, Keanu is less than welcoming to Mitch as Karen calls her mum and breaks the news that her and Mitch are back together.

Patrick plans a trip to Trinidad

Patrick opens up to Ted after he challenges Bernadette to play a game of chess against him, about a woman he’s been speaking to online who lives in Trinidad. After winning the bet, Patrick feels guilty and attempts to return the money to Ted who refuses as he won the game fair and square.

Patrick uses his winnings to place a bet on a horse and after winning a large sum of money dreams of using the money to visit a friend in Trinidad. However he’s taken aback when Denise suggests they buy a new sofa with the money. As she continues to push him into buying the sofa, Denise does some digging and discovers that he’s speaking to someone online – someone he used to date when he was younger who he’s still in love with and wants to marry.

Meanwhile, Patrick learns some worrying news from Joyce and as he visits the allotments he finds Ted hiding from Joyce and pretending to be at the doctors. Patrick later feels guilty once Joyce clocks on that Ted was with him instead of at his appointment.

Stacey receives some shocking news

Curious to find that she has multiple missed calls from Big Mo, Stacey is unable to call her back. However when she returns home, she finds Mo waiting for her with some news. Kat is dead.