Emmerdale SPOILERS: 12-16 March

Next week in Emmerdale, it’s bad news all round as Rebecca receives a possible diagnosis, Joe discovers the truth about Ross’ acid attack and Lisa collapses after her drink is spiked.

Rebecca receives some devastating news

Worrying about her future with Seb, Rebecca accidentally leaves Seb on his own and Robert and Victoria urge her to get a hospital appointment. When the doctors break the news to her that she may have Executive Dysfunction, as there’s evidence of reduced blood flow to her brain, she breaks the news to Lachlan as Belle offers her words of comfort.

Rebecca is forced to make a decision about Seb’s immediate future as Victoria arranges an appointment for her with the neuropsychologist.

Gabby and Liv spike Lisa’s drink

Stealing a vial of ketamine from Vanessa’s bag, Gabby & Liv plot to spike Daz’s drink but Liv accidentally puts it in Lisa’s pint. Confused as to why Daz appears to be fine and why Lisa is growing ever more light-hearted, it soon becomes clear that they’ve spiked the wrong drink.

Lisa is rushed to hospital when she collapses and Liv keeps quiet when the doctor asks if Lisa has eaten anything. As Lisa goes into cardiac arrest, the Dingle’s watch on in horror. Will the girls confess to what they have done?

Paddy starts panicking when he realises that ketamine has gone missing and the next day Vanessa’s horrified to think it could be the end of her career as Aaron reveals that Lisa had ketamine in her system. When the police arrive to speak to her, she and Rhona are relieved when the police decide to leave it in the RCV’s hands.

Joe discovers the truth about Ross’ acid attack

Joe worries about what else Debbie might have planned after Simon admits to her paying him to throw the acid on Ross. Shocked that Debbie could stoop so low and worried that she might be arrested, what will Joe do to keep Simon quiet?

And what will Debbie say when Joe confronts her about the attack?


Faith moves in with Pollard, Chas plans to have an abortion and Pollard offers Tracy a job at the B&B.