EastEnders SPOILERS: 19-23 March

Next week in EastEnders, the residents of Albert Square come together to give Kat the send-off she deserves. But is all as it seems?

The residents come together to remember Kat 

As Stacey seeks answers from Mo about what happened to Kat, they’re both determined to give Kat the send-off she deserves. With no one able to contact Alfie, they visit Jay to discuss the funeral and as they struggle to fun the funeral they visit various residents to ask for their help. They’re taken aback when Ian only offers to help with the catering, but luckily the Carters agree to hold the wake at The Vic for free.

Sensing all is not well, Martin finds out what’s happened and comes up with a plan to raise the money needed. But when Stacey arrives, she chucks him out without hearing him out. Feeling guilty, Stacey goes round to apologise. When Stacey clocks on to Mo being on-edge, Mo simply puts it down to everything that’s going on.

As Martin arrives and gathers all of Kat’s friends to brainstorm ideas on how to raise money, the locals prepare for a fundraising night at The Vic in honour of Kat. With some financial help from friends, Mo arranges Kat’s obituary for the Gazette.

Thinking of ways in which he can help, Jay offers a free coffin but everyone is taken aback by Mo’s reaction. Sensing it’s all getting a bit too much for Stacey, Martin offers her his support and Stacey is taken aback when Jean arrives and drops a bombshell. Mo quickly jumps in and undermines Jean but alone she takes the opportunity to ask Jean for money towards the funeral but Jean insists she has to speak to Ollie

Meanwhile, the fundraiser at The Vic gets underway and the party becomes more raucous as the residents celebrate Kat. But when Kat returns to Albert Square, what’s going on?

Mariam receives a visit from the social worker

Arshad panics when Mariam suggests they arrange to go away to their favourite place for a few days as he can’t remember where that it is. As Masood assists Arshad in trying to help him remember, they are interrupted by an unimpressed Mariam accompanied by the social worker.

They’ve been asked to look after a new baby, Harley, putting an end to their trip. As Arshad struggles to settle the new baby, he eventually comes across a surprising comfort mechanism thanks to help from the Taylors.


After Keegan tries to get Louise’s attention, it soon becomes clear she is only interested in Hunter as she encourages him to join her at The Vic. As she reaches out to him, Hunter finally retaliates and kisses Louise.

No episode on Friday 23rd March because of Sport Relief