Emmerdale SPOILERS: 19-23 March

Next week in Emmerdale, Liv worries about her future, Joe’s in danger and Bob and Laurel continue to fight their chemistry.

Liv worries about her future 

Determined to get Liv to admit what she did, Gabby pleads with Bernice to respect her decision to take the blame. Zak and Belle are horrified when Liv admits it was her who spiked the drink and Aaron is left feeling alarmed.

As the police arrive to arrest Liv, which Dingle called the police? Live is devastated when she overhears Aaron telling Robert that she could go to prison for what she has done.

Liv gets charged with theft and administering a noxious substance and after a run in with Bernice she goes in search of booze and finds a bottle of vodka in the back of a cupboard. As she drinks, what does her future hold?

Ahead of her court appearance, Liv’s tempted to drink. But will she?

Joe is in danger as Cain finds out about his blackmailing

With Debbie and Joe back together, Ross tries to cover his feelings but Pete sees through him and knows how much Debbie has really hurt him.

Charity is confused when Debbie arrives with Joe and lashes out at her for being back with him. But what exactly is Joe plotting? When Joe invites Debbie to his golf party, she has no choice but to accept the invite and he gives her a dress to wear. As Charity admires her new dress, she’s fuming when she realises it’s Joe who bought it for her. Unimpressed by his attempt at a romantic meal for two, Debbie’s unnerved by Joe’s genuine, honest approach.

Cain fumes when Charity fills him in about Joe blackmailing Debbie and as Joe drives away from the village, we see car headlights turn on behind, revealing Cain’s menacing face. But what does he have planned?

Bob and Laurel continue to fight their chemistry

With Brenda eager to stop Bob and Laurel spending time together, Bob’s unsettled by her enthusiastic wedding plans. The chemistry between Laurel and Bob is evident as he helps her get out of her glue-covered top.

Brenda pretends the scarf Laurel left earlier is hers and tries is on in the mirror but as she takes it off she drops it in the bin and enjoys stirring the pot between Laurel and Bob.

Marlon’s in a pickle

When Jessie hands Marlon a “Sorry” card, she is shocked to realise it’s for bereavement and their affection grows as they share a laugh. As Marlon celebrates his birthday in the cafe he accidentally invites Jessie to an imaginary birthday party.

When Jessie arrives unexpectedly, with no one else there sits alone with April and is taken aback when she warns her off Marlon. Later, Jessie urges Marlon to talk to April and keen to impress, Marlon agrees to look after the school gerbil, but how will he react when the the gerbil dies?


Chas agrees to let Rebecca have a trial behind the bar, Jacob can’t believe David’s letting Priya stay and Harriet’s anxious as she receives a call from Bishop Barry.