Thanks for visiting I Talk Telly. I hope you’ve found something you like. I’m Elliot Gonzalez, I’m the one who talks telly and here’s a bit about me and the blog…

How It All Started

In November 2011, whilst I was still at University, I decided to start a blog. I didn’t really know what the blog would be about, or what I’d talk about, but I knew I wanted to create something online where I could write.

I began by writing about myself, what I was up to at Uni, things I enjoyed and then something dawned on me – I’ve always been a big fan and big watcher of TV so why don’t I write about that? So I gave it a go.

Story So Far

The blog didn’t have a name for a long time… it was just elliotgonzalez.blogspot.com and it wasn’t until I met up with Boyd Hilton, TV & Reviews Editor of Heat Magazine in January 2013 that he made me realise I needed a catchy name.

So that night I went away and brainstormed a few names, and came up with the name I Talk Telly. It summed up perfectly what this blog is about – I don’t have any other writers, it’s just me and I talk about telly so it seemed like a no brainer!

I have to say, I owe a lot to that meeting with Boyd Hilton. Although Boyd isn’t a blogger himself he was able to give me excellent tips and advice that I still use to this day, and what’s really nice is that I regularly bump into Boyd at events and he’s still really supportive of what I’m doing over two years on.

It was shortly after that meeting with Boyd that I wanted to begin interviewing TV talent. I’d never interviewed anyone in my life, I was never the most confident person in the world, so the thought of interviewing someone terrified me. The first person I interviewed was Adil Ray (Citizen Khan) and that was over email so all I had to do was send over a list of questions and hope that he liked them. Luckily he did and again, like Boyd, Adil was there at the very beginning of I Talk Telly and has continued to be really supportive on Twitter.

My second interview was a face-to-face, and took place at BBC Television Centre (which sadly no longer insists) and was to interview Sean Michael Verey and Scarlett Alice Johnson from Pramface. I interviewed them after the Radio Times and just before they were going on BBC Radio 5live… I felt a bit of a fraud and could not have been more nervous, luckily all seemed to go well.

I actually spoke to Sean again about a year later and he mentioned how on that day he had done many interviews but mine was his favourite and he couldn’t tell it was my first ever face-to-face interview.

The rest as they say, is history. I could not be more grateful for the opportunities that continue to come my way. Never did I think I’d be given the opportunity to interview some of my favourite TV personalities, such as Ricky Gervais, Keith Lemon, Jack Whitehall, Jessica HynesDynamo, Johnny Vegas and even my childhood heroes, the Chuckle Brothers!

I am what you call ‘PR friendly’, I am in regular contact with the PR departments at BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, UKTV and Netflix, and as a result am regularly sent press releases, given interview opportunities and invited to press screenings, events and launches.

I am also often invited down to visit the set of some of my favourite TV programmes, including Coronation StreetMr Selfridge (series two and three) and BBC Three sitcom Bad Education. I’ve even been lucky enough to be invited down by the BBC to watch the live shows of The Voice UK and Strictly Come Dancing.

I have a real passion for television, and the purpose of this site isn’t to be negative. If I don’t like a programme, I won’t talk about it. I enjoy writing about shows that I genuinely like and enjoy talking to talent whose work I respect. If you’d like to get in touch, please do! Details here.

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