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7 Best Lines from Shipwrecked 2019's Opening Episode

After 7 years away from our screens, Shipwrecked, the reality TV show which pre-dates Big Brother, returned for a brand new series on E4.

The opening episode episode saw nine new castaways including a 24 year-old Social Media Influencer from Bromley, a part-time Wig Maker from London and a CEO of an events company stranded on an island before being split into two tribes; Tigers and Sharks.

I don't know about you, but I'm already hooked and planning my way out of social situations for the next three weeks. Sure, they have shelter, and they're allowed to shave and put make-up on, but all that aside, it's still a great format isn't it?

So with this year's series already showing great promise, I've decided to pick out the 7 best lines that will make you laugh/cringe from the opening episode of Shipwrecked 2019...

"I turn mundane into fabulous. Like legit, every single day. At work, people call me Director of Fun." - Kush

Before arriving onto the island, 26 year-old Recruitment Manager Kush, from London, , delivered

a line that wouldn't feel out of place on The Apprentice. But will Kush be able to keep up his fun and fabulous personality? Only time will tell...

"This is very nutritionous." - Kalia

To echo the words of narrator Vick Hope, "that's definitely not a word". Kalia, I think the word you're looking for is "nutritional". Luckily Liv and Kush were on hand to quickly put the 20 year-old model from Bedfordshire right.

"He just come across to me as someone who like... liked vaginas." - Liv

Poor Liv. As soon as she saw Chris, her gaydar switched off and all she worried about was whether or not he had a girlfriend. When she hinted that someone on the island fancied him, she was taken aback by Chris' admission that he's into guys and not girls. Let's hope someone straight (who likes vaginas), who is Liv's type, wanders onto the island soon as a new arrival.

"I think her name's T, I don't even really know her name. Probably T for twat or throne 'cos she's a Queen that fucking sits upon it." - Liv

Ah yes... Liv again. Reading this quote back, it's no surprise that Liv and Big T were the first castaways to have a big argument. Making a great first impression is so important, especially on a show like Shipwrecked - but no one told that to Big T who got off on the wrong foot with Liv from pretty much the get go.

"Two birds, don't know their names just yet, they're really fucking dull." - Harry

26 year-old model Harry clearly has an eye for the ladies, unless you're dull. In which case he's likely to not remember your name. Just as well Kalia and Big T didn't hear Harry say this, otherwise we're pretty sure Big T would have started an argument.

"I was first on this island bitch, remember that." - Liv

Reminding me of Aisleyne's "You better know yourself if you're talking about me little girl" from Big Brother, Liv didn't hold back when Big T expressed her thoughts on Liv believing in mermaids. Describing it as "so fucking dumb" didn't go down that well. Who would have thought?!

"I was sleeping in this sleeping bag which is like a giant condom and I farted. I literally gassed myself to death. It was such a disaster." - Big T

After her first night sleeping on the island, Big T describes sleeping bags in such a way which leaves you wondering if they even exist in Chelsea. Also just to pick her up on what she said about literally gassing herself to death... she didn't though did she? Not literally.

Shipwrecked continues weeknights at 9pm on E4


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