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A drunk Sid makes a shocking confession to Juliet in Hollyoaks

And when he loses his prosthetic leg, Sid has another confession to make, this time to Ste. What could it be?

After receiving their results, Yazz, Peri, Sid and Juliet celebrate their achievements but Sid's feeling anxious about the progress of his police application.

At home, he confides in Ste who admits he was keeping Sid’s letter from the police hidden until everyone got home. But is it good news?

Sid avoids opening his letter from the police until Ste’s home to give him the push that he needs. Telling everyone the good news, Sid, Imran and Juliet decide to go to The Loft to celebrate but Sid has to run home to change first.

On his way, he bumps into Cher and they confide in each other about feeling alone and later at The Loft, Sid gets drunk and isn’t acting like himself. When Juliet confronts him, he has a shocking confession for her.

The next day, with more than a hangover to deal with, Sid tells Juliet he lost his prosthetic leg and a memory of a girl he met last night might be the answer to all of his problems. But after a date that was out of this world, Sid has a confession for Ste.

Later, Sid bumps into Imran, and realises that Imran’s been lying about going to university because he didn’t get the grades in his exams. Sid offers him some advice and convinces Imran to be honest with Misbah.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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