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A shock confession rocks the Maaliks in Hollyoaks as Ali’s arrival sends Misbah into panic

Is Shaq set to discover who his real father is?

Sami interrupts Shaq and Verity as they bond over a cartoon they both loved when they were younger. And later, when Theresa admits she wants to take things to the next step, Shaq is both distracted and uninterested.

After avoiding her calls, because she's mad at him for not wanting to be more serious, Shaq bumps into Theresa who asks him to make them exclusive or to leave her alone.

Back at the house, Shaq confides in Verity about his problems with Theresa and, in the process, admits that he lied about not being in love with her.

After their almost-kiss, there's tension between Verity and Shaq, who calls things off with Theresa, claiming there's another worm. When Theresa joins Celeste and Verity for their girls’ night, along with Cleo, it's not long before Theresa suspects Verity might be the mystery girl.

Shaq is worried when he gets a text from Sami implying that he knows what’s up with him and later a shock confession in the Maalik household rocks the family. With all eyes on Misbah, she's left speechless.

Later, when Marnie lets Juliet do extra work in the café for her CV, she ends up falling on the mopped floor and Misbah runs to her aide.

But a mystery man interrupts with his own medical opinion. As Marnie connects the dots, Misbah admits that the man is Shaq’s dad, Ali.

Ali is the new arrival to Dee Valley Hospital, instantly ingratiating himself with doctors and patients alike. He carries himself with an air of professionalism, but he’s also full of charisma, charm and a wicked sense of humour.

However, Ali’s ability to win over anyone he meets conceals a darker side to him – he’s capable of manipulating people any which way if it serves him.

More secrets are yet to be revealed as Ali settles into the same village as his estranged son, Shaq Qureshi. But is Shaq set to discover who his real father is?

Ali’s shock arrival sends old acquaintance Misbah into a panic, as she freezes upon hearing a ghost from her past. Shaken up by the family reunion, Misbah leaves Cleo in charge of Marnie’s care. But with Marnie in agony, will Cleo administer painkillers without supervision?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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