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A surprise visitor visits Roy after he ends up in hospital in Corrie

Who does he think he's seen? And could he be hallucinating?


As Roy heads out of the cafe to take some homemade soup to Shona he is confronted by a gang of yobs calling him names and he stumbles to the floor.

When Carla rushes to his aid, it’s clear he is in pain and when Shona admits she was never ill, Roy sends her and Evelyn packing.

As an ambulance rounds the corner. Shona tells Nina what happened and both she and Nina rush into the cafe to find Roy being given CPR.

In the hospital, a visitor appears at Roy’s bedside. As Roy drifts in an out of consciousness, his visitor stays at his bedside before disappearing.

When Roy tells Nina about his surprise visitor, she wonders if he is hallucinating. Who does he think he has seen?

Coronation Street continues Monday and Wednesday on ITV1


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