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A week of events lead to the real identity of Lauren's killer to finally be revealed in Corrie

But are the police right in thinking it's Nathan?


With Roy remanded in custody, awaiting trial for Lauren’s murder, the pressure is mounting both on the man himself and those trying to prove his innocence.

While friends and family who know him are convinced that Roy Cropper is innocent, others certainly aren’t and when far right activist Griff lands back in Weatherfield Prison, he takes it upon himself to try and force a confession out of Roy.

With Griff out for blood, it soon becomes clear that Roy is in grave danger.


Meanwhile, Bethany is convinced that Nathan is to blame for Lauren’s murder and with her daughter at breaking point, Sarah takes a bold move to try and get rid of Bethany’s sex offender ex for good.

But when she’s caught in the act, is Sarah in trouble? Or will the police find evidence of their own which puts Nathan in the frame?


In a climactic week of episodes, stripped across five nights, we’ll see Carla and Bobby on the wrong side of the law, facing charges for perverting the course of justice.

But just as it looks like Swain and Kit are about to crack the case, the audience will be hit with a bolt out of the blue as a new piece of evidence reveals who Lauren’s killer really is! Have the police got their man in Nathan or is a predator still at large?

During Monday’s episode, Sarah’s plan takes off without her and she and Bethany report Nathan to the police for breaching the terms of his licence when he drives his van past her, freaking her out.

As Bethany threatens to leave Weatherfield again, Sarah pays Nathan a visit at the building site, reminding him that he accepted £10k to leave town. But when Nathan laughs in her face, Sarah forms a plan and returns with a plastic bag containing Lauren’s hair bobble, found in her things that she left at the Platts.

When Kit catches Sarah in the act, she’s forced to admit she was planning to plant the hair bobble in Nathan’s van to prove he murdered Lauren and Kit urges her to let the police do their job.

After searching his van and discovering some USB sticks, Kit arrests Nathan on suspicion of breaching his sexual harm prevention order.

As news spreads through the street that Nathan has been arrested, the book Roy was reading lies soaked in tea in his prison cell and with a broken spine.

On Tuesday, the truth comes out about Bobby and Carla as Nina informs them both that Roy will soon have a date for his trial.

When DS Swain asks her why she’s fallen out with Roy. Carla closes it down. Overhearing Swain rowing with her daughter on the phone, Carla offers an ear and Lisa explains her partner died and her daughter is struggling with her grief.

Visiting Roy in prison, DS Swain asks him outright if his fallout with Carla has anything to do with Bobby’s statement and later arrests Bobby on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Whilst DS Swain warns Carla that Bobby’s lies aren’t helping anyone, least of all Roy, Griff is hellbent on revenge and enters Roy’s prison cell.

During Wednesday’s episode, Dee-dee hopes Bobby’s statement will be enough to exonerate Roy whilst Griff orders Roscoe to lure Roy to the prison library.

When Carla reveals that Bobby’s been arrested for perverting the course of justice, Dee-Dee realises with horror that Roy’s defence is up in smoke.

As Roy heads off to the library with Roscoe, Griff enters his empty cell and upon his return, Roy’s shocked to come face to face with Griff. Pulling out a weapon, Griff demands Roy tell him what he did with Lauren’s body.

When Sarah asks Kit what they found in Nathan’s van, he reveals it’s one of Lauren’s hairs and suggests she must have dropped it, bbut promises to keep her name out of it. Confiding in Bethany and Daniel, Sarah tells them how she planned to set Nathan up and now he’s been arrested, leaving Daniel feeling incensed.

With Joel present, DS Swain and Kit set about interviewing Nathan and when DS Swain reveals that the girl who provided him with an alibi for the night of Lauren’s disappearance has changed her mind, Nathan’s rattled.

As DS Swain questions him about his penchant for young girls and suggests he murdered Lauren, Nathan refuses to comment, whilst Dee-Dee is furious to learn from Joel that he’s representing Nathan.

Assuring Bethany that he would never grass Sarah up, Daniel tells her that his only hope is that Nathan really is guilty, because if not, the real murderer will walk free.

With Roy refusing to confess to murder, Griff holds the makeshift knife to his throat and orders Roy to say his last words as we discover who really killed Lauren!

In the final episode of the week on Friday, Nathan assures Joel that he’s innocent and suspects Sarah planted Lauren’s hair.

In a bid to gather more evidence against Nathan, Daniel and Bethany call Nicky and beg her to put them in touch with Ellie as they suspect she has vital information.

Ellie describes to Bethany how she had a client who showered her with gifts and became more of a boyfriend, but suddenly turned nasty and threatened to kill her. When Bethany shows her a photo of Nathan, will Ellie confirm it was him?

Elsewhere, Carla offers Swain’s daughter some work experience at the factory.

Coronation Street continues Monday to Friday for a special week of episodes on ITV1


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