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Aadi and Nina share a kiss in Corrie

How will Asha react when she finds out?

When Dev announces to Asha his plans for a special birthday meal for her and Aadi, she doesn't have the heart to tell him she'd rather do something else and persuades Aadi to attend Dev's birthday lunch.

After suggesting an after-party at his flat, Aadi invites Amy to the birthday lunch and Asha and Nina urge Aadi to declare his feelings for her.

As the Alahan twins plan their birthday bash, Asha’s curious to receive a call from the university. After hanging up the phone, Asha tells Amy that someone reported Isla for having an inappropriate interest in her and she’s got a fair idea of who it was, accusing Nina of reporting Isla out of jealousy. But are Asha’s suspicions of Nina right?

Later, Aadi finds a simmering Nina in Victoria Gardens and they swap accounts of their rows with Amy and Asha and when Aadi compliments Nina, they suddenly lean in for a kiss.

Meanwhile, Bobby meets Amy In the cafe and asks Aadi if she’s single. When Aadi tells Bobby she’s off the market, Amy flies off the handle saying she’ll be giving his birthday a miss. Has Aadi ruined his chance with Amy? 

The following day, Aadi calls at No.7 to grab a quiet word with Nina and they both agree to never mention their kiss again. And whilst Dev serves their birthday lunch, Asha unwraps her present from Aadi and is shocked to find a beautiful bracelet.

Noting a guilty look, Asha demands Aadi explain himself where Aadi and Nina are forced to admit they shared a kiss.

Later, letting herself into Aadi's flat, Asha finds him dozing on the sofa and hurls the bracelet at him, asserting that she never wants to see him again before storming out.

Unbeknownst to Asha, Aadi lies unconscious in his flat with the broken carbon monoxide alarm on the side. Will they realise before it’s too late? 

Coronation Street continues Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Friday 12th January at 8pm on ITV1


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