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Aadi finally asks Summer out on a date in Corrie

However, a misunderstanding causes tension between Steve and Dev!

After Nina calls round with Summer’s bridesmaid’s dress, Billy's saddened at the reminder of his cancelled wedding. As she tries on the bridesmaid’s dress, Summer worries that she looks fat, but she's touched when Aadi calls round with some diabetic-friendly cookies and admires her dress.

Aadi reveals how much he’d miss her if something happened to her and Summer admits that she feels the same about him. But she's left feeling confused when a clearly flustered Aadi heads out.

Confiding in Dev that there's a girl he fancies, Aadi urges him to pluck up the courage and tells her how he feels. Turning to Amy, Aadi tells her that he wants to ask Summer out, but doesn't know how. Thrilled, Amy offers to coach him.

Returning home, Tracy finds Amy and Aadi clearly enjoying each other’s company and when she suggests Aadi is her boyfriend, Amy puts her straight but Tracy’s not convinced

And when Tracy spots Amy chats to Aadi outside the shop, she watches, convinced they’re an item.

Later, Aadi finally plucks up the courage to ask Summer out and when she agrees, they start planning their first date.

When Tracy finds Dev putting together a ‘date hamper’ for Aadi and his new girlfriend, she's horrified and reveals that the new girlfriend is Amy, leaving Dev stunned.

Together, Tracy and Dev agree to keep the secret of Aadi and Amy’s relationship from Steve, but when Steve finds a text from Dev to Tracy he gets the wrong end of the stick about the pair, forcing Tracy to tell him about Amy and Aadi.

And Aadi, Summer and Amy round the corner to see Steve launching an attack on Dev for encouraging his son to have sex with Amy!

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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