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Aadi leaves a scared Asha to face two trolls alone in Corrie

Is she in danger?


In the shop, Aadi encourages Amy to apply for a student radio presenter job and suggests she could use it as a platform for her women’s charity work. 

In the café, when Asha confides in Aadi that she’s had a response from the troll behind the video and has arranged to meet him in the precinct, he offers to go with her.

When Evelyn calls at the cafe with some ‘Missing Freddie’ posters and a birthday card for Nina, Amy tells Aadi that the lady at the charity can no longer do the radio interview and asks him to do it instead.

As Asha arrives at the precinct, there’s no sign of Aadi and she tries his mobile repeatedly. Back at No.1, Amy prepares to interview Aadi who fails to notice the missed calls from Asha.

As Asha makes to leave, TrueMan67 and his sidekick, Banditman, reveal themselves and start asking awkward questions to a scared Asha. Is Asha in danger? 

Later, Amy tells Bernie that she got the gig as a student radio presenter but is short of a guest for her first live interview. As Bernie watches Paul telling amusing stories to Hannah, his PA, Bernie has an idea.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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