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Aadi's keen to impress his new boss in Corrie as wife Courtney lures him in

But when she leans in for a kiss, how will Aadi respond?

When Amy arrives for work, Aadi flirts with her, but when Dev reveals that Asha is going to show Amy the ropes while they go for a round of golf with local entrepreneur Darren, Aadi’s disappointed.

When Darren reveals his business plans, Dev suggests Aadi might like to be his right-hand man and Aadi accepts the job.

Suited, booted, and ready to start his new job, Aadi is chuffed when Amy invites him to join her at a charity gala that evening. But when Aadi tries to talk to Darren about Dev’s desire to invest, it becomes clear Darren’s main interest is to ensure Aadi picks up his wife from an event that night. Gutted, Aadi knows he’ll have to let Amy down.

When Aadi collects Courtney, with the intention of driving her home, she asks him to take her for a kebab and he soon finds himself enjoying her company.

The following day, Darren reveals he has a meeting and hoping to sit in, Aadi is disappointed when Darren explains he’d like him to take Courtney shopping instead.

Confiding in Courtney, Aadi tells her how he took the job hoping he would gain some business experience and be able to share his own ideas. Revealing she has an MBA, Courtney suggests he shares his ideas with her instead.

Together, Courtney and Aadi cajole Darren into agreeing to a meeting with Dev and Aadi gets a text from Courtney telling him to meet her at Darren’s office.

When Aadi arrives to find Courtney alone, she makes it clear she’s got the hots for him. As she leans in for a kiss, will Aadi respond?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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