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Aaron and Cain fight it out in Emmerdale as tension builds between the pair

But will Cain let his anger get the better of him and end Aaron's life?

Seemingly flaunting his antics, Aaron arrives at the garage with another stolen car and an amused Mack warns him it won't end well when Cain finds out.

Later, Cain is rattled by Aaron's stolen car antics, causing tension between them and Mack feels caught in the middle.

With Samson wanting a car of his own, Aaron wants to sell him one. But with Cain rattled, he assumes Samson has stolen Aaron’s car and Samson is gutted when Sam demands he returns the motor he’s bought off Aaron until he has his licence.

As Cain realises that Aaron is playing games, he sells the car on and Aaron continues to push Cain's buttons, stealing Cain's personal car as the family fear Cain's reaction.

When a police officer spots Aaron's lack of licence plates, he's taken in for questioning about the spate of recent car thefts and the situation looks damning.

Later, with Aaron throwing further disrespect in Cain’s direction soon they have a brutal fight in the garage, Cain pins Aaron down, unsure whether to finish it.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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