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Aaron and Mack go to steal a car from Cain in Emmerdale

Will they succeed or will Aaron get caught?

As Mack pushes Aaron to be more daring in their car-stealing enterprise, they plan to steal a more expensive car.

The following day, intrigued by a business partner of Kim’s having car trouble, Aaron watches as he agrees to leave his vehicle in the village to be fixed.

Discussing how to get the car, Aaron and Mack are surprised to see Cain driving it around to the garage and Aaron hatches a plan.

That afternoon, attempting to use the tractor with Moira, Mack feigns ignorance when it doesn’t start up leaving Moira no choice but to phone Cain for help. Accepting the call up to Butlers, Cain leaves the garage, unaware of Aaron immediately ready to break in.

However, Aaron is frustrated to find the car with the bonnet open and both wheels off but prepares to race against time to make it possible to drive away. A text from Aaron alerts Mack that he’ll need more time, and he needs to find a way to keep Cain at Butlers as long as possible. But when the tractor issue is quickly resolved, Cain is unwilling to stick around.

As Mack types out a warning text, Aaron's phone dies before he hits send and with the car ready to go at the Garage, Aaron hops in. But his frustration peaks when the vehicle doesn’t start and he's soon working under the bonnet to get it going. And with no text from Mack, he thinks all is safe. Is he about to get caught?

Meanwhile, Mack is relieved when DS Jones confirms Harry’s death has been ruled accidental, but Charity, despite hiding it, is struggling.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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