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Aaron comes clean to Chas over his true gene test result in Emmerdale

But how much is he able to open up?


In the face of Chas’ probing questions, Liam desperately tries to cover the truth of Aaron’s real result in the gene test. As Liam hurriedly exits, Chas is deeply concerned as to what he’s implied.

When Chas asks Aaron a direct question about the gene test, he betrays the truth through the briefest glance and goes straight to anger and denial as he struggles to process his emotions now that his mum knows the truth. And Aaron makes clear to Liam that he’s crossed a line.

The next day, when Chas asks a visibly injured Liam, if Aaron’s fists are to blame, Liam can’t help but acquiesce with her surmising.

Desperate, Liam persuades Chas to stop from immediately confronting Aaron and to take a different tack. And as Liam and Chas share a tender moment, Ella watches on.

As Chas' sensitive approach starts to break through Aaron’s barriers, he eventually confesses that the gene test result feels like a death sentence.

When Aaron is able to open up about his fears to Chas, they both know he’s made a massive step forward and Paddy reminds Aaron he’ll always be there for him

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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