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Abe worriedly heads to Dublin in search of Arlo in Hollyoaks

Going alone, what is Abe hiding?


In the hope she can reach out to her and persuade her to help fund the search for Arlo, Marie offers Norma a free hair appointment, but things don’t go to plan when the conversation gets heated between them and they throw insults at each other about their past parenting mistakes.

Wanting to let off steam Marie goes to find Warren but instead comes across Freddie and fighting talk leads to flirting.

Later, after discovering missed calls off Abe, Marie dashes off to find him and at the garage, Freddie discovers that the money he's been putting away has gone missing. Putting two-and-two together goes to find Marie.

When confronted by Freddie, Marie tells him she wasn’t the one who stole from the garage and Abe warns Freddie against accusing his mum, pointing him in the direction of Murphy who was lingering around the garage the previous day.

Overhearing Abe leaving a voicemail, Joel questions his brother on if he’s in touch with their brother’s abductor. Manipulating his way our, Abe says he just wants to find out the truth without their mum being hurt further. 

Later, Zoe tells Marie and Abe that the police still want to question them on Arlo’s disappearance and Abe decides to head to Dublin to find him, but when Cleo is late to meet him at the pub he snaps at her and she's left dumbfounded that her boyfriend is heading off that night. 

Walking in on Cleo talking to Peri, Marie overhears how Abe has gone to Dublin to find Arlo and is hurt that he didn't take her with him. And Cleo reassures her he was just doing what he thought was best for her.

Later, Peri and Cleo speak about how they both feel helpless and wish they could do something to help Marie.

Returning home, Abe initially gives Cleo the cold shoulder and at the hospital, Peri tells Cleo they may have a way of helping Marie. And when the two girls bump into Abe in the village he apologises.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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