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Abi becomes the victim of a deep fake sex tape as she makes an enemy of Dean in Corrie

But is Dean responsible?


Switching on the TV, Abi hears the presenter singing the praises of Corey Brent and his football prowess. Kevin is forced to reveal that Corey is playing for his prison football team as Abi watches in horror

Having watched the documentary, Abi is incandescent and together with Nina, call at the TV company responsible for the documentary, barging their way into the Producer’s office demanding answers. 

Checking the Gazette website, Nina and Abi take comfort from the supportive comments and are pleased to see that a petition has been started demanding the documentary be scrapped.

Calling at the garage, Dean tells Abi that he’s hit a bad patch and needs her help. But as Abi sends him packing, Cassie watches on.

In the office, Tyrone is horrified by the contents of an email and tells Abi he has some shocking news. 

With Abi horrified to see that the sex video has been uploaded to other websites, Cassie lets slip to Kevin how she saw Abi arguing with drug dealer Dean shortly before the sex video was released and then overheard her arranging to meet him to hand over cash.

Meeting Dean whilst brandishing a wrench, Abi accuses him of making the sex tape, but he insists he has no idea what she’s talking about.

Furious, Abi doesn’t believe him and Kevin arrives just in time to order Abi to drop the wrench. As Dean is taken in for police questioning, Abi learns that four more videos have been uploaded.

But as she studies the footage Abi realises it’s not actually her and they’re all deep fakes! 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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