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Abi in danger as she hits self-destruct in Corrie

Are the mistakes of her past about to change her future forever?

After a tumultuous year, Abi could be forgiven for thinking it is finally time to put everything behind her and focus on her new life with Kevin and Jack. But the past has a habit of catching up with you and when Kevin finds out about her one night stand Abi reverts to type and presses the self-destruct button.

Struggling with Seb's birthday, Abi orders more drugs just as Kevin and Jack return from holiday. Confiding in Debbie, Kevin tells her wants to talk to Abi and hopes they can patch things up.

However, when Kevin returns home, he finds Abi and Dean cosy on the sofa, high on drugs and alcohol and orders her to pack her things and get out.

While she's in the bathroom Dean steals Kevin’s garage keys and Abi races over to the garage to find Dean revving a customer’s car. Leaping in, Abi makes a grab for the key, but Dean’s too quick and they’re soon careering down a country road in the stolen car.

In dramatic scenes, Abi finds herself in a high speed stolen car chase. As she doubles over in pain, Dean stops the car and she crouches by the side of the road in agony. To Abi’s horror, Dean leaps back in and speeds off.

Dumped by the side of the road, drugged up and in agony, Abi calls for an ambulance. But as her phone dies, she surveys the empty road in pain and fear.

Exhausted and in a state of shock, Abi lets herself into No.13. But assuming her to be drunk, Debbie tells her she wants her out by the end of the day.

Opening up the garage, Tyrone is shocked to find a customer’s car has been stolen. Seeing her with a bag of booze, Tyrone suggests Abi had something to do with it.

As Abi packs frantically, Tyrone calls, telling her that if they don’t retrieve the stolen car, the business is finished. Spotting a BMW, Abi forms a plan and calls Dean before meeting him at his lock-up.

While he inspects the BMW, Abi calls the police to report the original stolen car. But Dean overhears her call and it looks like Abi is in danger.

Having heard about the stolen car from Tyrone, Toyah calls Abi’s phone and a paramedic answers, explaining that Abi’s been involved in an accident.

As she's rushed to the hospital, Abi has a life-changing decision to make. Are the mistakes of her past about to change her future forever?

Woken by the sound of two police officers banging on the front door, Abi shows the officers out and goes to score more drugs.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV with an extra episode on Sunday 6th March


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