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Abi is left to die at the hands of Ray in Corrie after Faye confesses all

But will Debbie see sense and step in? Or will she leave Abi to die?

With the weight of the world on her shoulders, and Sally and Tim bickering about the idea of moving to Spain, Faye is desperate to unburden herself and rushes to confess to Craig about Ray trying to rape her.

She admits to him that she cheated by sleeping with Ray before attacking Adam by mistake. Reeling, Craig offers Faye his support as she hands herself in at the police station.In the interview room, a terrified Faye explains how she attacked Adam Barlow thinking he was Ray Crosby.

As Faye steels herself, describing how Ray tried to rape her and the attack was a bid for revenge, Tim rails at Craig - accusing him of forcing Faye to hand herself in, in the hope he’ll be promoted. And at the bistro Debbie’s stunned as Ray is arrested on suspicion of attempted rape.

But when Abi, Alya and Faye clock Ray leaving the bistro, they're gutted to realise he’s been released. In the hope of lending some weight to Faye’s case, Alya reports Ray to the police for luring her to a hotel bedroom with the intention of having sex.

Hoping to dig some dirt, Abi calls at Ray’s hotel. But when he arrives with Susan, the Chairperson in tow, Abi dives behind the bar. As Ray and Susan discuss their crimes, Abi records the conversation on her phone.

Meanwhile, DS Willets calls at Adam’s office to question him again about the attack as some new information has come to light and Adam and Sarah are left stunned when a tearful Faye tells Adam about how she attacked him. She also tells him that she wishes she’d reported Ray to the police in the first place as Gary was just trying to protect her.

Having successfully recorded Ray's conversation with Susan, an excited Abi confides in Faye how she’s got proof that Ray bribed the planning committee. Later, as she shows Ray the footage on her phone, Abi offers to bury it if in return he admits to the attempted rape of Faye. Telling him he’s got an hour to make a decision before she goes public. Will Ray agree?

Assuring her that she did the right thing by confessing to the police, Craig promises to stand by Faye no matter what. Tim's anger reaches boiling point when Faye reveals that Ray has been released.

All fired up, Tim calls into Adam’s office who assures him that doesn't wish to see Faye punished and has told the police that.

Meeting up with Abi in the Rovers’ back yard, Ray tells her he’s willing to confess to the assault on Faye so long as she deletes the video footage. However, as Abi suddenly feels dizzy and collapses, Ray grabs her phone.

When Debbie furiously barges into the bistro to confront Ray about the incriminating video Abi sent her, she's horrified to find Abi sprawled on the floor. But as Debbie goes to call an ambulance, Ray swipes the phone from her hand and menacingly tells her she’s going to help him out of this mess.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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