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Adam and Sarah fear for their lives in Corrie after receiving targeted threats

But who is Adam's tormentor?

When Adam's windscreen gets smashed, Adam vows to put a stop to Jeremy Bremner’s intimidation campaign and tracks him down to his work and confronts him. Admitting to keying his car, Jeremy denies being behind the graffiti and the windscreen and Adam gives up arguing and retreats.

Meanwhile, Sarah frets to Carla and Lydia that Adam may have unnecessarily provoked Jeremy further.

Following a tip-off, Adam and Imran are shocked to learn their office is being searched for a firearm and they're both held at gunpoint by armed police. As the police turn the office upside down, Imran and Sarah blame Adam for antagonising Jeremy.

As Adam insists on reporting Jeremy to the police for the false tip-off, he receives a silent phone call. And when he later receives another anonymous phone call, Adam assures Sarah they’ve heard the last of Jeremy.

After confiding in Imran about the calls, Adam ignores his advice to report them and Sarah and Gail are taken aback to find a large bouquet of flowers in a vase. Whilst Sarah is thrilled by Adam's gesture, Adam is baffled when she thanks him for the flowers.

Fishing out the card, they are aghast to read the threat - Next bouquet will be for your funeral. And because the flat door was deadlocked, Sarah and Adam deduce that whoever left the flowers could still be there.

Sarah calls the police and as Adam explains to the officer about Jeremy’s harassment campaign, Sarah’s horrified to learn about the silent phone calls.

As Ed changes the locks, Adam orders Sarah to take Harry and stay with Nick. And when Sarah sends Peter round to the flat to keep Adam company, he receives more phone calls and Peter urges him not to answer.

As Adam’s phone rings out, his tormentor stares at the outgoing call on their mobile and lets themselves into Adam and Sarah’s flat. After snipping the heads off two red roses, they leave a note reading Happy Valentine’s Day. It might be your last.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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