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Adam hits rock bottom in Corrie

Could his life be in danger?

Adam Barlow is a man who has made many mistakes and never paid the price - until now. And the irony that he now looks set to lose everything for something he hasn’t actually done is not lost on the stressed-out solicitor.

As Lydia Chambers ramps up her cleverly orchestrated campaign of revenge it becomes clear that she holds all the cards as she turns Sarah against him. And when Lydia gets him arrested, it looks like he may be about to lose his liberty and his career. As the vendetta continues, could his life be in danger?

Adam does his best to convince the officers that Lydia cloned his credit card, bought a phone and sent the texts. But will they believe him?

At the factory, Sarah is horrified after Lydia tells her how Adam forced his way into her house and trashed the place.

As Adam explains the situation to Imran, he's concerned when a client announces he’s taking his business elsewhere after damning online reviews.

And Adam is horrified to learn that he could be struck off after being reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and tells Imran that he's going to step down while he clears his name.

Meanwhile, Lydia tells Adam that she hasn’t finished with him yet!

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV with an extra episode on Sunday 6th March


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