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Adam lies unconscious in Corrie after Lydia takes her final act of revenge

Will Adam be OK?

After weeks of tormenting Adam, destroying both his marriage and career, the time has come for stalker Lydia to take her final act of revenge.

Having been invited to Harry’s birthday party, Adam reckons that Sarah might be thawing. However, his good mood is short-lived when she announces that she’s filed for divorce.

With Sarah distracted, Adam texts Lydia from her phone and meets her in a coffee shop. As he presses record on his phone, Lydia sees through him and snatching his phone, presses delete.

Asserting he’s had enough of her games, Adam tries to wrestle his phone back, but as Lydia lets go, the phone smashes to the floor and she rails at him for his treatment of her all those years ago.

Feeling a pang of guilt Adam suggests it’s time she told Sarah the truth. Lydia is left seething as she realises it’s still the same old Adam and all he cares about is himself.

Having heard from Sarah that Adam has gone to meet Lydia, Daniel scours the shopping centre for him hears a noise from the balcony.

As the truth about their past comes tumbling out, a heated row ensues but when an emotional Lydia lashes out at a seemingly unrepentant Adam, a violent shove sees him topple backwards over the first-floor railing and crashing onto the floor below as Lydia watches with horror.

As a bloodied and unconscious Adam lays on the ground, has he paid the ultimate price for his womanising ways? And will Lydia finally be unmasked to Adam’s estranged wife Sarah and the police?

Later, in the hospital, the doctor tells Ken and Daniel that Adam has suffered a bleed behind the eye and needs an operation to save his sight. As they quiz Adam about his fall, suggesting Lydia’s to blame, Adam claims he doesn’t remember.

When Peter breaks the news to Sarah, she asserts that Adam is no longer her problem. But Cara urges Sarah to be there for him when he wakes up as she clearly still cares about him. Will Adam be OK?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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