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Adam puts Sarah and Bethany's lives in danger after going back on his word with Harvey in Corrie

Will Damon be able to protect them from Harvey? And if so, how?


Having signed the divorce papers for Sarah, a sad and guilty Adam decides to delete Harvey’s appeal document and places the USB of the CCTV footage in a jiffy bag and marks it ‘The murder of Natasha Blakeman’.

Before long, an angry Harvey calls Adam, aware that the police have the CCTV footage and tells him to watch his back. Calling at Sarah’s flat, Adam tells her he doesn't want a divorce and still loves her. When he tells her that he wants them to try again, Sarah is shocked and runs out of the flat.

Seeing her Mum upset, Bethany heads over just as a car accelerates towards them!

Later, in the hospital, Daniel rails at a guilt ridden Adam for getting involved with Harvey and endangering Sarah’s and Bethany’s lives.

Back on the street, Ken is shocked to discover how Adam’s actions have affected everyone and Damon assures Sarah that he’s spoken to Harvey who promised to back off and she and Bethany have nothing to fear.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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