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Adam seeks revenge in Corrie as Damon gets under his skin

But just how much danger is Damon in?

When Damon calls in on Sarah and Harry's belated Father's Day meal for Adam at Speed Daal, both Adam and Sarah are left feeling on edge.

When Adam pulls her in for a kiss, Sarah is pleased until she spots Damon and realises it was for his benefit and not hers. And when Adam urges Nick to cut Damon adrift as the man is poisonous, will Nick put family first?

Looking for dirt on Damon, Adam trawls through Paul's file, but when Dee-Dee finds him, she's furious and grabs the file.

As Damon tells Nick he’s booked an appointment with the Head of the Weatherfield Market Association to discuss a potential pitch for the bistro, Adam wheedles information out of an unsuspecting Paul about the car theft scam, managing to glean info on the guy he dealt with.

Having traced Niall’s phone number, Adam meets with him, telling him that Damon is planning to do the dirty on him and inform the police about his involvement in the car insurance scam. Is Damon in danger?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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