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Adam vows to prove his innocence in Corrie

But will Sarah take Carla's advice and not give up on Adam?

Sick of being treated like the bad guy, Adam knocks back drinks and flirts with a girl, telling her his wife died in a car crash.

Having received a text from Daisy, Daniel arrives and explains that Adam’s wife is still very much alive. Drunk and morose, Adam announces he’s going into town.

Under Daniel’s instruction, Adam calls to see Sarah, but clocking his hungover state, she sends him packing. And Carla advises her to think hard before cutting Adam out of her life as she’s not sure Lydia can be trusted. Will Sarah take heed?

When Adam spots Lydia, he storms over and tells her he'll prove what a liar she is.

Elsewhere, after apologising to Daniel for her jealous behaviour, Daisy starts forming a plan when he reveals that Nicky is applying for a teaching assistant post and Max will be in her class.

As Daniel helps Nicky prepare for her interview, she asserts that she wants to keep her sex worker history under wraps and doesn’t want Daisy to find out.

Later, after Nicky confides in him about her trial session with the class not going well, Daniel confides in Daisy that Nicky failed to get the job and Daisy masks her relief.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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