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Aisling Bea Comedy Announced for Channel 4

Happy AF (working title) is a comedy written by Aisling Bea about moving on, moving forward and trying to find happiness.

As well as writing the series, she'll also star as the charming and funny Aine, who is trying to pull her life back together after a “teeny little nervous breakdown".

Her sister Shona, played by Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe), is increasingly worried about both her sister and her own mortality. And whether or not there’s room in her apartment for her boyfriend, Vish, now that she’s bought that new coffee table.

Aine works at a foreign language school and is a magnet for a raggle-taggle collection of foreign and lost characters who are all trying to find their own hope and happiness in this messy world.

Through Aine’s own experiences, and through the experiences of those around her, Happy AF explores how the pursuit of happiness differs for everybody and unveils the obstacles, some social and some mental, which come between that goal and the tougher reality of daily lives.

Happiness is a destination we all want to reach, but how we get there is never easy. Happy AF is a pin-sharp, poignant comedy which, with warmth and keen-edged wit, shows that the journey to happiness is harder for some than others.

Ailsing Bea says "This show is my baby and I am extremely excited about it. Sharon and I have been trying to make a baby for a few years now and in the last while we've gotten some extra help in and now finally I am pregnant with a show and can't wait to give birth to it, put it in a pram and show it to everyone. This is a metaphor for making TV by the way, I am not pregnant."

Head of Comedy at Channel 4 Fiona McDermott says: “In Happy AF Aisling has created a comedy which makes me laugh, makes me cry and which frequently stops me in my tracks with its compelling and arresting portrayal of Aine’s search for a little piece of happiness in a messed up world. I am thrilled to be working with Ailsing and Merman on such an intelligent, warm, witty and fearless project.”

Clelia Mountford and Sharon Horgan, Executive Producers at Merman, says: “Aisling Bea is such a multi-talented performer and writer and we’re delighted that we’re getting to make this show with her for Channel 4, the perfect home for Happy AF.”

Happy AF is coming soon to Channel 4


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