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Alex lies lifeless after being hit by a car in Emmerdale

But who was the driver? And will Alex survive?

As Dawn reveals to Billy how Alex threatened her, Alex gets comfortable with his new life in the village until Clare rudely interrupts, demanding he finishes what he started.

Letting himself into the surgery, Alex is shocked to find the drugs cabinet empty. But he has a plan B and urges Clare not to give up on him.

The next day, Manpreet and Naomi attempt to bolster Alex into fighting for access to his kids whilst he secretly plots out his plan to rob the pharmacy delivery van. Soon, Alex impersonates Dr Liam on the phone, to find out when the van will arrive.

Meanwhile, a supportive Charles tries to convince him to fight for his kids but is shocked to learn Kim and Will kidnapped and threatened him over the matter.

As Charles heads to confront them both, Dawn can’t believe what she’s hearing and hopes their previous actions won’t backfire on her case.

The following day, Billy attempts to calm a nervous Dawn as they await the court case that determines if they get full custody and adoption of Lucas and Clemmie. When Billy and Dawn arrive at the court, they have a nervous wait.

Meanwhile, Naomi tries to convince Alex to go to court and fight for his kids. As Alex sits at a junction in his car, it's unclear which path he'll choose.

As the court case continues, the judge states that the only way Alex could have his kids were if he arrived now to announce his desire. However, unbeknownst to them Alex is too busy wrenching open the doors of the pharmacy van and stealing all the drugs.

Back in the village, Charles is shocked to discover the drugs in Alex’s car and as Alex makes a run for it, Charles gives chase.

Catching up with him, Alex is tackled by an incensed Charles causing damage to his Charles’ car.

Following an argument, Alex reveals all about his master plan and Charles is broken to hear Alex has been playing them the whole time, including his relationship with Naomi. As Charles attempts to call the police, Alex smashes his phone and makes off with the drugs.

Frustrated by Naomi’s reaction to what he has told her, Charles grabs his keys and heads out for a drive.

Meanwhile, Alex is standing by the side of a road on the phone to Clare. As he hangs up, Alex steps out into the road only to be hit by a passing car and lies lifeless.

A figure walks towards him, before quickly turning back and running away.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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