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Alex shows his true colours in Emmerdale as he breaks into the surgery

Is Manpreet safe? And who is the mystery woman he's speaking to?

As Charles continues to eat humble pie over his treatment of Alex, it's not long before Alex’s ears prick up when he overhears Manpreet’s phone call about the surgery’s drug delivery and makes a furtive phone call himself.

The next day, as Alex struggles to keep his cool with a mystery caller, an oblivious Naomi and Charles are optimistic when he says he has a job interview that day. However, on the outskirts of the village, Chas chats with Belle and sees Alex handing cash to a mystery woman.

Later, when Alex comes into the Woolpack admitting his interview went well, Belle’s left with an agonising decision whether to tell Naomi about what Alex was actually doing.

When Chas backs up Belle’s sighting of Alex, a disbelieving Naomi gears up to confront Alex

When Naomi catches Alex in a lie in the beer garden about the non-existent job interview, he promises to explain everything and has an innocent explanation for his meeting with the mystery woman.

Introducing Clare and her son Max to Naomi, Alex explains he’s been helping her financially after meeting Max’s dad in prison.

Back at Woodbine, after ensuring everything’s good between him and Naomi, Alex makes an excuse and leaves.

While Naomi feels like their relationship is more solid than ever, Alex meets up with mystery Clare again and it’s revealed his relationship with Naomi is a sham and he’s planning a robbery of the surgery.

The next day, Liam and Manpreet deal with issues due to the surgery’s closure and the electrics being vandalised as Alex listens in with interest before stealing Manpreet’s surgery keys from her bag.

Soon, armed with a crowbar, Alex lets himself into the surgery to look for the drugs. But when Manpreet arrives at the surgery, she's puzzled to find the front door open and heads for her office, unaware Alex is waiting for her with the crowbar raised.

Meanwhile, Dawn is aghast this week Naomi has fallen for Alex and tries to put her in the picture but will it work?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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