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Alfie fears that Harvey is being catfished in EastEnders

Will Rocky get to the bottom of who Sophia is?

Rocky's excited about the football, but when Harvey fails to show up to their pre-match drinks, he drags Mitch to look for him, realising they haven’t seen Harvey for several days.

With some help from Stacey, Rocky and Mitch enter Harvey’s flat and are taken aback to find a bewildered Harvey and a messy flat. Playing it down, Harvey reveals he’s started communicating with Sophia again after she ghosted him and is besotted.

Rushed off her feet, Kathy is irritated when Rocky is more concerned with Harvey than helping her. Realising his error, Rushing to the chippy, Rocky enlists Freddie and a reluctant Bobby to help deep fry some cupcakes Kathy is struggling to sell. However, his plan backfires.

After Bobby gives him some insight into Kathy, Rocky comes up with yet another idea. But when he makes a shocking admission to Mitch, what could this mean for his new idea?

When Alfie overhears Rocky in the café talking about Harvey’s obsession with Sophia, he points out he could be being ‘catfished’. As Rocky does some fishing, Harvey assures him she’s the real deal, despite only ever messaging her.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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