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Alfie is held at gunpoint in EastEnders after raiding Phil's safe

But can he make up for Phil's missing money?

As Alfie tries to reassure Kat that he's got everything under control at home, he tries to keep the boys busy by challenging them to guess the code to Phil's safe.

Together, they work it out and find serious cash inside. But when Sam turns up, Alfie hurries the boys to put the money back.

Later, Alfie has to juggle problems at the cab office with getting to the shops to buy Tommy a zombie video game. But when Mitch's cab breaks down, Alfie drives Vi to bingo instead and has just enough time to get to the game shop, until a masked gunman called Keith jumps into his cab!

Having just robbed a building society, Kevin demands that Alfie be his getaway driver and Alfie takes a risk by driving to the shop to get Tommy's game anyway. However, after a successful purchase, Alfie's luck takes a nose-dive when Stacey calls and reveals the Moon boys have told her all about the safe game.

Hearing about the safe containing £30k, Keith's ears prick up and he orders Alfie, at gunpoint, to take him to Phil's place! What will Alfie do?

Later, in the cab office, Alfie is interrupted by Freddie, who gives him an idea to raise money, but when Honey orders him off the market, Alfie's plans are ruined and later tries to persuade Mick to 'invest' in a food festival, but he declines, and so does Bobby.

Back at No.55, Alfie tells Tommy about Phil's missing money and is amused when Tommy offers to sort it out for him.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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