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Alfie makes Halloween a memorable one for Linda in EastEnders

But could Mick and Janine's return dampen the mood?

After moping to Alfie that she doesn’t want to celebrate Halloween this year due to memories with Mick, Linda is frustrated when he goes and organises an event in The Vic. And later panics about Alfie taking Ollie trick-or-treating without her knowing.

The next day, Linda thanks Alfie for making her Halloween memorable and when Kat finds out that Alfie has allowed the boys to bunk off school, she refuses to let him have them over the weekend.

When Linda comes up with a plan to help Alfie, will it work?

After making positive strides forward with Kat, Alfie later disappoints her when he gets stuck on the roof of The Vic and can’t pick up Tommy. Furious with Alfie for yet another mishap, Kat refuses to let him have the boys. And Linda feels like its all her fault.

As Linda anticipates Mick's return, she explains to Kat it was her fault Alfie was on the roof.

When Mick and Janine return from their holiday, Mick is disappointed to find Alfie has been helping out at The Vic. Later, Linda and Mick connect as he discusses his time away and almost share a moment.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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