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Alfie pulls out all the stops to try and win Kat back in EastEnders

Will Phil's return ruin the magical Moon Christmas they'd planned?

As he prepares for the panto, Alfie is in a foul mood because Kat isn’t Snow White. However, when Honey suddenly falls ill, Alfie begs Kat to step in.

And whilst Kim and Felix fight over solos, Harvey's costume is too tight and all Alfie wants to do is rehearse Prince Carlo and Snow White’s kiss. But Kat refuses to kiss him.

When the panto begins the cast is blindsided by quite a few last-minute changes to the script now Kat is Snow White, so Kat and Alfie have to ad-lib to make it work.

As Alfie makes a big speech for the finale, it's obvious that it's about his love for Kat and he goes to plant a kiss on Snow White. But will she let him?

After the show, Kat demands he explains himself about going in for a kiss when she said no.

Later, Keeble pays Kat a visit, demanding she get Phil back in Walford, or she’ll bring him back in handcuffs.

The next day, Kat wakes up with a hangover and finds Alfie in the kitchen in high spirits. As they argue, Tommy walks in. Upset, he runs off and Kat follows.

In the café, Tommy remarks that Kat’s much happier around Alfie and feeling awful about him being so unsettled, Kat asks Alfie to leave to avoid any more confusion for Tommy.

With Alfie gutted, Freddie tells him he needs to earn back his place in Kat’s life and Alfie hits upon a plan.

Meanwhile, Kat confides in Stacey about her confusion over Alfie and Phil and when she gets home, Kat is thrilled and emotional about Alfie's big gesture and agrees they can have a magical Moon Christmas as a family.

But when Phil returns, Kat is angry to learn why and Billy confronts Phil about not being there when he needed him. When he reveals Lola’s tragic diagnosis, Phil is horrified, but worse is ahead.

With Alfie wanting Kat and the boys at the Christmas carol fundraiser, Phil won’t have it and at the Arches, Alfie finds Phil and demands that the boys come to the concert.

And Rocky stuns everyone by announcing a very special guest is singing for them tonight! Who could it be?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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