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Ali questioned by police in Hollyoaks as Misbah meets with another of his victims

But as verity plans to forge evidence, will Shaq agree?

Sami and James team up to dig up some dirt on Ali and it looks like Sami might have found something.

Meanwhile, Misbah is shocked to discover that the hospital is honouring Ali with an award for his contributions to oncology. And later, a riled-up Shaq publicly condemns Ali whilst he’s receiving his award.

The next day, with the Maalik family still reeling after Ali's outburst, Ali demands a public apology from him, threatening to report him to the police for assault if he doesn’t comply. But later, a surprise visitor adds fuel to the fire by claiming Misbah is lying.

As Misbah plans to leave the village, before she does, Sami receives an email from Gina, another of Ali's victims.

Later, meeting with Misbah, Gina tells her that seeing Ali being publicly condemned by Shaq made her realise she wasn’t alone. As the pair open up to each other about their experiences, she agrees to give a statement.

However, when Gina has a threatening encounter with the ghost from her past, will she have second thoughts?

After she makes a formal allegation against Ali to the police, the Maalik family rally around Misbah as Ali is questioned by DS Cohen.

Frustrated at the system being geared towards men, Verity suggests forging evidence to help with Misbah’s case. Sami refuses, but Shaq is tempted. Will they go through with it?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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