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Allan 'Seapa' Mustafa to star in new BBC Three comedy, Peacock

The new three-part series from the writers of People Just Do Nothing stars Allan 'Seapa' Mustafa as personal trainer Andy Peacock.

Peacock will be written by Steve Stamp and Ben Murray, produced by Big Talk, and tells the story of Andy, played by Allan 'Seapa' Mustafa, a personal trainer at Sportif Leisure in the midst of an identity crisis. And the series, currently filming in Liverpool, will air later this year.

Andy's world is one of selfies, bravado, and gym memberships, where vanity and success are often horribly entangled. When he loses out on a job promotion to a younger, better-looking PT, he suddenly realises he’s a man out of time.

He needs to prove that there’s more to him than his good looks and his well-curated dating profile. He sets out to prove that he can be taken seriously. But can he?

Starring alongside Allan will be Lucien Laviscount as Jay, Thomas Gray as Spooner, Susan Wokoma as Liz, Callie Cooke as Carly, Mandeep Dhillon as Georgia, and Sophia Di Martino as Blue.

Talking about Peacock, writer Steve Stamp said "Clearly I am not someone qualified to write about going to the gym so it’s actually mostly about a bunch of flawed messes struggling to function in the modern world."

And Kenton Allen, Chief Executive of Big Talk said "Steve and Ben have flexed their award-winning comedy muscles and written a very smart show that means you’ll never step into another gym without thinking about the unique approach to fitness at Sportif Leisure and the soon to be iconic PT, Mr Andy Peacock."

To which BBC Three Controller Fiona Campbell added "People Just Do Nothing was a massive hit for BBC Three so it goes without saying that we couldn’t be happier that we’re working with some of the highly-talented team behind it for their new series Peacock."

Peacock will be directed by Freddie Waters and developed and produced by Lara Singer with Saurabh Kakkar, Kenton Allen, and Matthew Justice as Executive Producers for Big Talk.

Peacock will air later this year on BBC Three


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