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Alya accepts a new job working for a rival solicitors in Corrie

How will Adam cope without her?


As Adam meets up with new client Rebecca at the Chariot Square Hotel, having ordered a bottle of wine, he flirts with her and the chemistry between them is evident. But when Alya calls to tell him that he’s needed in the office for a meeting, she's frustrated when Adam kills the call.

When Alya takes the meeting with Rich from Fabian’s in place of Adam, he's impressed with her knowledge and suggests she’s future partner material. Returning to the street with Rebecca, she and Adam kiss and he invites her up to the office.

As Alya winds up the meeting with Rich, suddenly the door bursts open and Adam and Rebecca stumble in, mid-snog!

Later, having decided to accept the job offer from Rich, Alya tells Yasmeen, whilst in the solicitors, Adam and Dee-Dee struggle without Alya to organise them.

Taking Alya out for lunch in the bistro, Rich congratulates her on such a successful morning and tells her that she’ll go far and is exactly what Fabian’s needs.

But when Adam later receives an email from his biggest client to inform him that they’re transferring their work to Fabian’s, how will he react to Alya poaching their business?

Later, when Michael reveals that according to Adam she’s accepted her job back, Alya’s furious and spotting Adam across the street, heads over to demand answers. Spelling out to him that he can stick his lousy job, Alya storms off and as Adam watches her go, it’s clear he’s smitten.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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