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Alya confronts Hashim after Ryan tells her the truth in Corrie

But when Speed Daal goes up in flames, is Zeedan responsible?

Approaching Zeedan, Ryan demands to know what Hashim wanted and later, when Zeedan opens his van, he notices that the bag of money has gone.

Entering No.6, Ryan plonks the bag of money down in front of Zeedan, demanding to know where he got it. Explaining the whole story, Zeedan tells Ryan that he has to follow Hashim’s orders or he’ll get another pasting. Begging him to go to the police, Zeedan refuses. Adamant that Alya and Yasmeen mustn’t find out.

As Ryan and Zeedan argue, Alya demands to know what’s going on, but they give nothing away and Alya heads off to work, hurt and suspicious.

But despite Zeedan’s pleas, Ryan calls at Speed Daal and tells Alya what her little brother has been up to. Rounding on Zeedan for money laundering, Alya demands Hashim’s number, but Zeedan is adamant she mustn’t get involved.

Later, arriving in Speed Daal, Zeedan is horrified to find Alya confronting Hashim. Turning on her brother, Alya accuses him of destroying everything their family has worked so hard for.

As Zeedan and Ryan mull over how best to launder all Hashim’s cash to get him off their backs, Alya takes a call from Elaine who reveals she wants to sell her share in the business.

If they're to buy Elaine out, Zeedan reckons they need to up their game with the food van and pitch it at the Christmas market and when he receives a threatening text from Hashim, he shows it to Alya and Ryan.

Annoyed that Zeedan beat her to it and secured the last pitch at the Christmas market, Debbie forms a plan. When Zeedan discovers the food van gone, Alya goes to call the police but Zeedan stops her, revealing the van is full of dirty cash.

Hearing about the theft, Hashim tells Zeedan he wants his money and if the only way to get it is to burn down the restaurant and claim on the insurance, so be it. Zeedan reels but Hashim says it’s that or he’ll burn down Yasmeen’s house. Will Zeedan go through with it?

With the restaurant engulfed in flames, Zeedan’s horrified to discover that someone is inside. Did he go through with Hashim’s demands or is someone else responsible?

Tearing a strip off Zeedan, Alya tells him that she'll never forgive him for the carnage caused.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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