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Alya reaches breaking point in Corrie

After Geoff turns up for work at Speed Daal.

Horrified, Alya orders him to leave. Refusing, Geoff points out that legally he has every right to be there and she’d better get used to it.

When Geoff reveals that he’s applied for an alcohol licence, Alya’s furious and points out that he needs Yasmeen’s permission too. And after finding an alcohol delivery on the doorstep of Speed Daal, Alya refuses point blank to let Geoff buy her out of the business.

Deciding to sabotage the restaurant, Geoff cancels staff shifts which leaves Alya to struggle alone with takeout orders. Seeing red, she throws everyone out and smashes the place up in a frenzy. But what will happen when Geoff and Tim arrive?

With Geoff playing the victim, Ryan tells Tim that Geoff has been undermining her for months Tim starts to wonder if his dad is as innocent as he is making out.

Later at home Tim lets slip to Sally about the CCTV camera, horrified she tells Tim to open up his eyes and see Geoff for what he really is.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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