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Amelia chooses Noah over Dan in Emmerdale

As he promises to be the man she and her baby need.

When Harriet is flirtatious with him, Dan is confused and feels like she might actually like him after all. But when she kisses a smitten Dan, Harriet is left feeling underwhelmed.

And Dan is left surprised when Harriet, following a chat with Faith, commits to a relationship with him.

Although happy for them, it’s clear Amelia’s still saddened by thoughts of Noah and she's soon left fuming when she discovers that Dan forced Noah into breaking up with her.

When Amelia decides to move out, Dan’s well aware that he’s messed up and Noah promises to be the man Amelia and her baby need.

Soon, Noah and Amelia share their first kiss and Dan is furious when he sees them. But his outburst only drives Amelia further away and he's woeful when he realises he’s really gone and blown it now.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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