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Amelia gets back together with Noah in Emmerdale to secure a better future for Esther

Will her lump turn out to be cancerous?

After Noah tries to reassure her that her lump probably isn’t cancerous, Amelia worries that Esther will be left with Samson, should anything happen to her.

So when Noah expresses that he still wants to be with her, Amelia is overwhelmed and unsure of her feelings.

Later, Noah gives in to Lydia’s interrogation and tells her about Amelia’s lump. Angered to hear how Samson responded, Lydia gives a defensive Samson both barrels about the way he dealt with her.

It's clear that Amelia’s ordeal has triggered the loss of his own mother, so Sam is sympathetic to Samson’s situation and a frustrated Samson worries for Esther, but admits that he still can’t be the dad Sam has been to him.

Determined to support his son, Sam understands how hard it must have been for Samson to grow up without a mother.

Meanwhile, Noah is over the moon when Amelia admits she’s missed him and wants to get back together and all loved up, they kiss.

The next day, Samson tries to apologise to Amelia but tired and hurt she doesn't have the energy to hear him out. Will he be able to explain himself and make Amelia understand his behaviour?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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