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Amelia leaves herself vulnerable as her social media presence grows in Emmerdale

Can Dan or Noah get through to her about the dangers?

As Amelia tests her new ring light at the Salon, Mandy reminds her to continue to promote the workplace within her makeup tutorials. Amelia is elated when her newest video receives a positive response and is eager to please her fans.

Soon, Dan is furious to discover that Amelia has been missing college, but she stands her ground, resolute that she's going to continue with her profile to make money. With Noah concerned over how much Amelia is prioritising her social media, she tells him to be supportive or not be involved at all.

After being given the cold shoulder, Noah realises he needs to win her back around and offers to help her with her college work. As they reconcile, all is well until Noah sneakily peeks at Amelia’s very active phone notifications, and is horrified by what he sees.

With Amelia angry at his interference, Noah tells Dan what he has seen, Arguing back, Amelia emphasises her ability to handle these inappropriate requests and puts Noah on notice.

The next day, Amelia is angry at Dan for confiscating her phone and laptop and Sarah tries to mediate between Noah and Amelia.

At the salon, a man arrives claiming to be a customer, but watches Amelia with an intense and greedy interest. Soon he blindsides her by revealing he’s Lloyd, her top subscriber.

Perturbed, Amelia thought the subscriber she'd been speaking to was a woman. And she's frightened when Lloyd demands one on one time and traps her inside.

Fortunately, Mandy returns but Amelia, once calmer, insists she's not getting her dad involved. With Lloyd's messages continuing to stream in, as well as a written note from him, Dan is alerted to Amelia’s predicament and they realise that Lloyd knows where they live.

When Dan intends to take action with the police, a distraught Amelia insists she doesn’t want police involvement and the next day, when Lloyd manages to get hold of Amelia's phone number, Dan puts his foot down and calls the police. As the police arrive, will it work?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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