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Amelia's dizziness and nausea worsens in Emmerdale as she drops baby Thomas

What will this mean for Gabby?

After being tipped off by Lydia that Amelia has been seeing someone, Dan quizzes her on her love life, leaving her aghast.

The next day, after seeing Noah in prison, Amelia’s pleased they are getting closer, but her vision begins to blur.

Before long, Amelia agrees to babysit for Gabby and whilst at Home Farm, pockets an envelope from the prison addressed to Gabby. With her dizziness and nausea worsening, disorientated Amelia struggles before fainting and dropping little baby Thomas.

When Harriet arrives, Amelia panics and lies about how he fell from his high chair and a worried Harriet takes him to the hospital. In the hospital, Amelia is sickened with guilt as Gabby arrives.

When Lucas says Amelia fell whilst holding Thomas, Kim calls Amelia out for lying and Amelia faces a barrage of questions about her blackout.

Soon, Dan’s left reeling when Amelia reveals she’s been taking a weight gain syrup she bought off the internet and she agrees to get checked out at the hospital.

Once out of sight, Dan gives in to his tears and the next day, Gabby worries about a visit from Social Services following Thomas’ fall, her anger towards Amelia still raw.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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