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Amy and Matty marry despite Kerry being unable to pay for it in Emmerdale

But who made their special day possible?


Whilst Amy and Matty can barely contain their excitement for their wedding, Kerry hopes a second opinion on her necklace will yield the money she needs to pay for their wedding.

Hiding from Suzy, Kerry is soon tracked down and insists she has one last chance to pay up for the wedding or it’s off.

The following day Kerry prays her necklace’s value will be worth enough to salvage the wedding.

Over at Home Farm, Leyla and Suzy prepare the venue but there’s still so sign of payment from Kerry and an oblivious Matty and Amy arrive for their wedding rehearsal. As it gets underway. Kim shows up demanding her full payment for the venue.

Back in the village, Kerry’s defeated after earning a pittance for her necklace and Pollard’s shocked she won’t be able to pay for the wedding. Abd Kerry braces herself, knowing she needs to admit the truth.

The next day, as the wedding party excitedly gets ready for the big day, they’re brought back down to earth when Kerry finally reveals she can’t actually afford to pay for it.

With Matty blindsided by the news that the wedding is off, Leyla takes a mystery call and soon announces that the wedding is back on. And the guests stand as Amy sets off down the aisle. But who do they have to thank?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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