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Amy and Moira worry as Kyle talks to PC Swirling about Cain in Emmerdale

How much has he said?

As Moira and Amy discuss bringing Kyle and Isaac to the choir event, Amy worries about letting Kyle out of her sight.

Later, at the village hall, Moira and Amy arrive with Kyle and Isaac and get into the festive spirit. But when they manage to lose sight of Kyle, they spot him speaking to PC Swirling about Cain. Before anything is revealed, they swoop in, but PC Swirling catches on that there’s something between Amy and Moira and is troubled by their behaviour.

Back at Butlers, Amy and Moira try to find out what Kyle revealed to PC Swirling but only end up further upsetting him.

When Moira tries to reassure her that if she gives Kyle the best ever Christmas it will help with returning his life back to normal, Amy struggles to pull herself together. And the pressure also begins to mount on Moira.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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