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Amy Dowden's cancer diagnosis to be the subject of a new BBC One documentary

Amy Dowden: Fight of My Life will capture a year in the life of Amy Dowden after her cancer diagnosis at 32 and her fight to dance again.

In 2023, Amy Dowden was living her dream of being a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, recently marrying the love of her life and hoping one day to start a family of her own. But after discovering a lump in her breast the night before her honeymoon, every facet of Amy’s world was torn apart when tests later revealed she had breast cancer at only 32 years old.

Six days after her diagnosis, Amy, from Caerphilly, south Wales, made the brave decision to allow cameras to follow her experiences whatever may unfold in coming months.

Amy was thrown into a world of surgery, chemotherapy, fertility treatment and uncertainty. Over 15 months, the film captures the difficult times, tough decisions and glorious moments like the Strictly family finding a way to include her in the pro dance in the Final.

We also see the unwavering support of family, fellow dancers, friends and the public who messaged in their thousands.

Amy Dowden: Fight of My Life promises to be a raw, deeply personal, and honest film which follows Amy as she navigates the most turbulent year of her life and tracks the battle for her health, her future family and a return to dance – her lifelong passion.

By being open about her story, Amy hopes something positive can come out of something so devastating that impacts so many.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Amy will be returning to Strictly Come Dancing this autumn as a professional dancer. Speaking about the documentary, Amy said "A year ago I was recently married and about to go on honeymoon, it was an exciting new chapter in my life, but finding a lump on my breast changed my life."

"I never thought at my age I would get cancer and, despite having family members and friends who were cancer survivors, had no idea just what the impact on my life would be."

"I’ve learnt so much about myself and what a cancer diagnosis means on this journey. I hope others find hope and strength from this film, and that it encourages everyone to check themselves, no matter what age you are."

Speaking about the documentary, BBC Cymru Wales’ Head of Commissioning, Nick Andrews said "The courage and resilience Amy has shown over the past couple of years is without doubt. To then have the strength to also allow cameras follow her deeply personal experience in the hope that something positive will come out of what has been such a difficult experience for her and her family is nothing short of extraordinary. This film is very inspiring."

To which Paul Islwyn Thomas, CEO, Wildflame Production, added "We’re all so grateful to Amy, her family and friends, for allowing Wildflame to be with her in what has been the most challenging time of her life."

"Without Amy's openness and candour, we would not have been able to make the film we have made. It's been a huge privilege for our team, led by Jacci Parry, to have been with Amy every step of the way and to be able to share her inspirational and personal story with a wide audience on the BBC. Amy truly is one amazing lady."

Amy Dowden: Fight of My Life is produced by Wildflame Productions, directed by Jacci Parry and executive produced by Wendie Ottewill.

Amy Dowden: Fight of My Life will air this summer on BBC One


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