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Amy given an ultimatum in Corrie

Will she choose her family or Jacob?

Amy's gutted when Tracy reveals her plans for some mum and daughter time, as she realises she’ll have to cancel her night with Jacob.

After telling Jacob that she'll try and swerve her parents so they can meet up later, Amy tells Steve she's off to Emma’s. But when he reveals he's just seen her heading to the tram station, Amy dashes out to the ginnel and explains to Jacob that she can’t see him as her Dad’s at home. Heading off, Jacob is fed up.

The next day, Amy arranges lunch in the bistro with Steve and Tracy and their jaws hit the floor when she arrives with Jacob in tow.

When Tracy threatens to leave, Steve points out that Amy’s 18 so whether they like it or not, she’ll see who she wants.

Horrified to spot them all with Jacob, Leanne points out how he almost destroyed her family and with the meal over, Amy and Jacob admit they're in love. How will Steve and Tracy react?

Outside, everyone's horrified to see Jacob punching Simon. When Steve asserts that she needs to choose between Jacob and her family, what will Amy do?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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