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Amy in SHOCK romance with Jacob in Corrie

Will Steve and Tracy discover the identity of Amy's secret new boyfriend?

After Amy confides in Asha and Summer that it’s early days with her new boyfriend, but things are going well, Asha advises caution, citing her disastrous association with Corey.

After she and Mary speculate that Amy’s secret boyfriend is a much older man, Tracy ropes in Emma to grill her, but Emma soon backs off.

As Steve, Tracy, Emma and Carla set up the bistro for Amy’s surprise 18th birthday party, Steve and Tracy nip home for a candle for the cake and find the chain on the front door.

Through the letterbox, they spot someone inside and Steve races around the corner and intercepts the intruder’s escape, tackles him to the ground in Rosamund Street and Steve and Tracy are both shocked when his hood drops to reveal Jacob.

With Steve sitting on Jacob until the police arrive, he insists that he stole nothing from No.1 and Tracy cancels Amy's party. As she fills her in on the drama with Jacob, Amy requests some peace and sends Emma and her parents to the Rovers. But Steve suspects she wants them out of the way for a birthday tryst with her secret boyfriend.

Amy later calls at the police station to clear Jacob's name and when he's released without charge they both share a kiss.

Lying to Steve, Amy tells him that the police called and they’ve released Jacob pending further investigations.

But when Summer and Asha quiz Amy about Jacob’s break-in, she leaps to his defence and Summer realises that Jacob is the mystery boyfriend. And Amy begs Summer and Asha not to spill the beans about her relationship with Jacob.

Steve installs a CCTV camera in the backyard of No.1 and when Amy meets up with Jacob in secret, she assures him that they’ll work something out. Is Steve about to uncover the truth about Amy's mystery boyfriend?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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