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Amy is found unconscious after Aaron's behaviour drives her to drink

When Aadi finds out the truth, can he get through to Aaron?

When Asha realises she has messed up the booking for Nina’s surprise party, Aaron offers them the keys to the builder's yard flat and says they can have it there.

With Amy’s permission, Aadi invites Aaron to join them for the party and with the party in full swing, Amy watches Aaron with loathing as he flirts with a group of girls. When Aaron puts a hand on Amy’s shoulder, it triggers her terrible memories. How will she react?

In tears, Amy admits to Summer and Aadi that Aaron raped her when she was drunk and had hoped that she'd be able to blot it out. But she can't.

As the guests leave the party, Aadi is left alone with Aaron and reveals that he knows the truth about what happened with Amy. Instead of admitting that it's true, Aaron assures Aadi that Amy’s lying and she wanted sex just as much as he did.

As they tidy the flat together, Aaron downs the remaining beers and passes out drunk on the sofa. Furious with Aaron’s reaction, Aadi wants revenge.

Meanwhile, Amy receives a letter from the uni advising her she is behind on her work. Seeing a vodka bottle on the sideboard, Amy rips up the letter and soon, Summer is horrified as she passes Victoria Garden to see Amy collapsed on the ground and calls an ambulance.

On the street, Aaron squares up to Aadi and the pair start to scrap but they stop when they see an ambulance arrive and Summer explains to the paramedic she found Amy unconscious.

In A&E, the doctor confirms that Amy passed out from excess alcohol and Summer explains to Steve and Tracy how Amy admitted that Aaron did rape her.

Railing at Aaron, Aadi points out that Amy tried to drink herself to death because of him and Amy admits to Steve and Tracy that Aaron did rape her and she knows she needs help. When Aaron appears at her bedside, how will Amy react?

Later on in the week, in the café, Aaron enters as Summer helps Amy with her economics coursework. Spotting him, a stressed Amy knocks over her coffee and completely drenches her laptop. As Amy tries in vain to get her laptop working she admits to Tracy and Summer that she’s already had a warning from Uni because she’s so behind with her work.

When Tracy finds a brand new laptop on the doorstep, Amy’s stunned!

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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